On Track

Happy Tuesday. I’m still socially distant, but I’m starting to venture out a little more often. As an introverted writer, I’m used to being at home, but that doesn’t mean I’m a hermit. Frankly, I was beginning to feel trapped.

Our governor has loosened the reins a little and it feels less like being stuck at home, and more like usual. I have been able to go to buy plants for my garden, and being able to be outside has helped a lot. (I do not go out during my designated writing hours.)

I had been making really good progress on the book, but last week I ended up having a repairman and some workmen in connected to my dryer which wouldn’t dry. Once the dryer was fixed, then I had to have the air vent cleaned out. So that meant two days in a row interrupted. On the positive side, it was people to talk to.

So, I’m back on track today, and I still expect to have the first draft of Remy’s Redemption finished by the end of the month.