Out of Her Mind

After plodding along trying to finish Changing Bobby’s Heart, I’m pleased with the pace that Out of her Mind is progressing.

Just went over 200 pages, and I’m really liking what I’ve done. Of course, now that I’ve bragged about my progress, I hope everything doesn’t immediately slow down.

Maybe it’s because I finally seemed to be tapering off with all my routine doctors appointments. You’d think I was some sort of hypochondriac. Not so. Just following the doctors’ instructions. I’m relatively healthy for a senior citizen.

Hanging in There

Aha, it may be later in the day than usual, but I made it. Something about having dental surgery (Ugh) yesterday that threw my whole week off. The good news is that everything is fine, though my face is swollen. The dentist said to put a bag of frozen peas against to help bring down the swelling. Didn’t have peas, but frozen lima beans seem to work just as well.

I’m looking forward to Heart of Dixie Romance Writers’ new meeting place starting Saturday. And then the next Saturday we will participate on the Write-In at Books A Million here in Huntsville., I hope to see you at one or the other coming events. Or even both.

Come On Down

As I mentioned last week, I expected to reach 100 pages by today, and by the skin of my teeth, I made it. Achieved 101 pages. That makes me approximately one third of the way through the current book.

I have something else to announce today. Heart of Dixie Romance Writers, of which I am a member, will be staging a “Write-In” at Books A Million in Huntsville (Alabama) at the Costco Shopping center on August 17 from 2-4. Unlike the Sit-Ins of the sixties, we won’t be chained to the furniture and chanting, but we will be there working away at our books in progress.

Come on down. See what a real writer does at work.

Onward and Upward

Looks like the back of the heat wave has finally been broken. We have several cool-ish days to look forward to before the temps return to normal summer in Alabama weather. I’m torn between taking advantage of the cooler weather to work outside on very weedy flower beds. However, I will be good and work on writing in the mornings and pull weeds in the afternoons.

I’m hoping to pass 100 pages this week.

Rain and Cucumbers

We’ve just been through about a week of rain thanks to Barry. The only thing good about that is that I had to stay inside and write. Making good progress on the new book, knock on wood, but things can always change.

The good news is that all the rain has been good for the cucumbers I planted. The bad news is that I’ve gotten way more cucumbers than I really needed.

No Rest for The Wicked

Well, the new book is safely published and available for purchase, but there is no rest for the wicked. I’m already working on the next one, tentatively titled Out of her Mind, about the third member of the Saturday Barbecue Lunch group, Liz Manning, and her quest to become a mother.

New Book On The Horizon

If you had seen me yesterday, you would understand how it is that it has taken me nine months to birth this current book. It seems like I can never make concrete plans without them going awry. Yesterday afternoon, I had what was supposed to be a quick follow-up appointment at the dentist that turned into something else entirely. Long story short, I’d developed a minor infection from the dental work that was being checked up on. So instead of being in and out in a few minutes, I ended up with surgery to clean it up, and a trip to the drugstore for an antibiotic that shot my entire afternoon.

Feeling much better today, thank you.