Never Ends

This is going to be a weird day. I have people coming to take down two trees that are problematic, and I also have a guy coming to fix my garage door. (It will open, but it doesn’t always want to close.) Then after all that is done, I have a dental appointment this afternoon. What fun. NOT.

Back-Cover Time

I think I’m finally satisfied with the book. I’m waiting for a reader to get to it, and if she doesn’t find any big problems, then I can send it to the proofreader. In the meantime, I’m trying to write the back-cover blurb which can be harder than a 70,000 word manuscript.


I have finally been able to sit down at the computer and work on polishing the draft of my latest book. I hadn’t looked at it in about six weeks and I was good to see that I still liked the story and didn’t need to make too many corrections.

Merry Christmas

You may have noticed that I didn’t post last week. I have an excuse. I was out of the country on a long-anticipated trip to Europe to take a river cruise on the Danube to visit Christmas Markets. What a wonderful way to get into the holiday mood. And while I was traveling, I got a terrific idea for another story.