Watch Out!

Just for the record, I did pass 100 pages when I said I would, in spite of having several appointments, and having people come over to do various inspections on my house. In fact, yesterday, I reached 124 pages. I will confess that I normally aim for 7-10 pages a day, but recently, with all the interruptions, I haven’t reached even 7 pages a day. A couple of times I did six. I’m hoping now that I don’t seem to have any appointments or other things that could interrupt my mornings, I might actually get closer to my usual goal.

Some of you might know, that my comments sometimes show up on my website ( I have a darling friend who puts them there for me. I have been nagging her to show me how to do that. And I now know how to actually get into the site, and maybe in a short amount of time, it will become an actual blog. Time will tell.