Back To School

I don’t know if it’s the same where you are, but today my granddaughters went back to school. Yup, book bags and new shoes and everything. Of course, I expect fall cold fronts and falling leaves, but we are having heat indices of over 100. Still as a mom, I understand the logic of having the kids back in school. First and foremost, it’s too hot for them to play outside and so they just hang around inside saying they’re bored. As a former teacher, I understand the school system’s desire to want to finish the semester before the Christmas holidays. With semester exams coming about three weeks after the vacation ends, I spent the entire time reviewing what would be on the tests, not teaching new material because everybody knows that you absolutely cannot be bothered with studying during the holidays and when it comes to testing, you have complete amnesia. Maybe in another ten or twenty years, we’ll get used to school starting the first week of August but for now, it really seems too soon.