What To Wear

Funny, the other day several writer friends and I were having lunch and we were commenting on how nice it was to get out and wear grownup clothes. Since we work at home, our romance writer uniform is not what it could be. I either wear sweats or shorts and tee shirts depending on the season. Since it’s winter, I’m wearing sweats. However, most of them are pretty ragged and bedraggled because I haven’t been shopping in a while. The discussion brought to mind a character that used to appear on a soap opera that is no longer on the air. The character, a famous romance writer in her world, used to wear silky caftans and feather boas and lots of rings and jewelry. Who was she trying to impress? I will confess that I do keep my nails done, but that’s only because it happens to be a lot easier to keep them done than trying to get an appointment at the last minute if something comes up. Besides it gives me an opportunity to converse with someone other than myself.

Still hard at work on Hannah’s Hero and coming to the turning point in the book. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens. The short story anthology called What a Day! that I have a story in is coming along. Should have publication date soon.