Playing In The Dirt and Other Activities

Apparently, I forgot to post anything last week. Ooops. Since life has started to open up, I’ve found myself attending social-distanced in-person meetings and I had one that day.

Another thing that’s distracting me is that I’m getting my vegetable garden going, and some days I like playing in the dirt more than inside. Even if we did have an almost freezing night last week. So, I’m trying to balance my writing with my playing outside.

On another note, as an author I read a lot. Well, I read the best most horrifying, frightening, suspenseful novel last week called MOTHER MAY I, by Joshilyn Jackson, one of my favorite southern authors last week. If you like a good page turner, this is one to try. I highly recommend it, and hope you’ll read some of her other books, as well.