Release Date In The Air

I still don’t have a definite release date for THE BETTER MAN, but we’re aiming for the middle of March. In the meantime, here’s a little tease of what it’s about.

With a new PhD in Artificial Intelligence and no job to cover the student loans that paid for it, Dr. Deege Morgan settles on a teaching job he isn’t sure he wants. Then he meets the prim assistant principal, Audrey Roberts, he reports to. Still hoping to land a dream job at one of the high-tech companies he’d applied to, he sets his sights on getting Audrey to loosen up.

Audrey just needs one less headache to go with her position at the new magnet school that focusses on cyber security. With a sudden increase in applications to the school, she needs more qualified instructors for the specialized curriculum. If she doesn’t find teachers with the proper qualifications, she will have to turn students away.

Deege Morgan seems to be the solution to one of Audrey’s problems, then he becomes another as he persistently pursues her. Can the two of them work together for the benefit of their students to make the school the best place for all of them and in the process find love?