One More Chapter During Quarantine

Well, it’s day five of my quarantine. And I didn’t even have the pleasure of being exposed away from the house. My granddaughter had gotten exposed at school, but she wasn’t notified until after she’d been to my house for supper. So though it was a secondary exposure in my case, I am quarantined for ten days unless I start to feel symptoms. I think then it starts all over again. Oh joy.

I thought I was going to finish the book last week, and the good news is that I did. Then I didn’t. After thinking about the way I ended it, i decided I needed another chapter. So I’m writing that chapter. At least, I’ll be home to work on it.

Anyway, I’m finished with shopping and I will be free in time to do any last-minute things I think of later. So, from my house to yours, have a very merry Christmas, and a healthy New Year.