Fall in The Air

One down and one to go. Had my first cataract surgery last Wednesday and everything has turned out fine. However, I must say I was daunted by the number and different types of eye drops I’ve had to use. (I finally had to make a chart to keep them straight. I guess I’ll need two charts after the other eye, since the eye drops will continue in both eyes till around the middle of next month.) It may be a pain, but it beats the alternative of not being able to see clearly.

I have managed to get back to the WIP this week, but mostly I’m just going back and polishing the chapters that I’d already written. I figure I won’t really be able to get back into my regular writing schedule and I can get back to the business of adding pages and developing the story until the middle of next week.

I’ve been looking out my windows and watching the leaves start to turn. Fingers crossed that we’ll actually have a pretty fall this year. Fall is my favorite season, not because things are dying, but because I love the glorious colors and the chill in the air.