Catching Errors

Sigh. I received the proof copy of The Redemption of Remy Lambert yesterday so I could catch any errors I missed during multiple rounds of proofreading. I had hoped not to find very many errors. Silly me. Found three in the first 50 pages. Whine. I don’t know why I tend to catch errors when I read it on paper, but not online.

Remy is available for pre-order now, but won’t be released until September 15, by which time I will have finished all the revisions. Again.

Why should you bother to pre-order? If you read on a device, it will be there waiting for you on September 15. Don’t really know if you will get the paper version that quickly. However, ipre-orders have a benefit for me. All of them will show up as sales on the release date which will help with my sales.