Sneak Peek

Good morning. After having spent a lot of time twiddling my thumbs and having not much to do, I took a moment to check my Kindle to see just how many books I had read in the time of Coronavirus. I was startled to see that I have read 31 books since the stay/safer at home orders began. That doesn’t count the two or three times I reread my book in progress in the course of editing, polishing and proofing. And of course, I wrote a book during that time. Not too shabby, and especially considering I also worked dozens of sudoku and crossword puzzles. And I still had time to be bored.


However, I have some good news to share now too. Here is a sneak peek at the cover of The Redemption of Remy Lambert. I’m hoping it will be available at Amazon in mid to late September.

Are you ready? Enjoy!