Fun News

I had a nice surprise last week. I have been officially recognized by RWA as having 25 published novels. It doesn’t mean much, but I get a pin. Still, it’s fun news to report.

I have been hunkered down diligently working on the novel in progress and I expect to finish it this week. Of course, that is only the draft.After I’ve let it sit for a week or two or three, I’ll have to go through it and fill in some blanks, tie up some loose ends and generally polish it up.

So for a couple of weeks, at least, I’ll be able to clean out closets which apparently everybody else has already done and maybe finish getting my flower beds done.

Now that the sun is shining more than the clouds are dumping rain, I think we may reach the turning point of this very rainy, very secluded beginning of 2020.

The pandemic is still not over till it’s over. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay well.