Isolation and Writing

I think this is only the end of the third week of isolation. Funny, how my day to day schedule hasn’t really changed, but there’s something about not being able to go out even if I don’t really need to that makes my want to go.

Silly, huh? I know that I do not want to be infected, and I do not want to see this awful disease continue to spread. So, I will stay home as much as I can, and I will write.

I have nearly reached the page count I had when I had my disaster, even if my characters have given new ideas and the story isn’t quite the same as it was before, it’s probably better for the changes.

My son just called and told me that he’d picked up my grocery order, so I’ll get to visit him from afar, and that will be. But it would be nice if I could have a hug.I miss hugs,