Here Comes Christmas

treeI have survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the Iron Bowl, and even Cyber Monday. Whew!

I have to confess that I do not do Black Friday, Football, or much online shopping. In fact, most years I’d already been finished shopping by now. But we had a very hot fall, and the holiday season just sort of sneaked up on me. So, I have most of my shopping done, and will probably finish it before the week is out. Then I can wrap.

My tree is up, but not decorated except with the lights that came on it. Oh the joys of a pre-lit tree! I’ve promised my grandgirlies that they can help decorate, so it will be Friday before the ornaments go on, but I can still enjoy the lights.

So anyway, now that most of the Christmas stuff is well under way, I can get back to plotting the next book.