Release Date In The Air

I still don’t have a definite release date for THE BETTER MAN, but we’re aiming for the middle of March. In the meantime, here’s a little tease of what it’s about.

With a new PhD in Artificial Intelligence and no job to cover the student loans that paid for it, Dr. Deege Morgan settles on a teaching job he isn’t sure he wants. Then he meets the prim assistant principal, Audrey Roberts, he reports to. Still hoping to land a dream job at one of the high-tech companies he’d applied to, he sets his sights on getting Audrey to loosen up.

Audrey just needs one less headache to go with her position at the new magnet school that focusses on cyber security. With a sudden increase in applications to the school, she needs more qualified instructors for the specialized curriculum. If she doesn’t find teachers with the proper qualifications, she will have to turn students away.

Deege Morgan seems to be the solution to one of Audrey’s problems, then he becomes another as he persistently pursues her. Can the two of them work together for the benefit of their students to make the school the best place for all of them and in the process find love?

Be Careful Of What You Wish

You know, I made the mistake of saying out loud that I wanted to have some real winter weather this year instead of all the rain we had last year. So, as my Mom used to say, “Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.”

Rain or cold, I do have to stay inside which gives me more time to get the new book ready. The Better Man is now with the “official” proofreader and I can put it into actual production as soon as I get it back and make any corrections necessary. Hopefully, I will get it to the point where It goes to Amazon in a couple of weeks.

While we’re both waiting, I thought I’d point out to you, that Deege, the main character appears in several other books. In OUT OF CONTROL, Deege shows up as a pretty obnoxious teenager. Then fast-forward ten years, and he shows up in THE REDEMPTION OF REMY LAMBERT as a young adult.

If you are looking for something to read while you wait, you might try those two books. Both are available on Amazon.

Plotter to Pantser

Good morning. The days are getting longer and so far, it hasn’t rained very much. I’m trying to look on the good side since I have nothing to report. I’m twiddling my thumbs while I’m waiting to get my edits back, and plotting the next book as much as a pantser does.

And now I’m heading out to get my check engine light checked.

Getting Down To Business

I’m in the finishing touches of my work in progress. Have done the important stuff like proofreading and spell check. Now I have to get down to the business of getting it ready to publish. I have information out to the Cover Artist and I hope to have a cover prototype to share soon.

Good News And a Kitty

Good news!

I typed THE END for real last week, so now I have a couple of weeks to not think about it.

Got out of quarantine, so now I rushing around finishing up.

I haven’t shown a picture of Miss Kitty lady, but she has apparently claimed a spot under tree. Don’t know if she’s guarding the tree, or has claimed the gifts for herself.

One More Chapter During Quarantine

Well, it’s day five of my quarantine. And I didn’t even have the pleasure of being exposed away from the house. My granddaughter had gotten exposed at school, but she wasn’t notified until after she’d been to my house for supper. So though it was a secondary exposure in my case, I am quarantined for ten days unless I start to feel symptoms. I think then it starts all over again. Oh joy.

I thought I was going to finish the book last week, and the good news is that I did. Then I didn’t. After thinking about the way I ended it, i decided I needed another chapter. So I’m writing that chapter. At least, I’ll be home to work on it.

Anyway, I’m finished with shopping and I will be free in time to do any last-minute things I think of later. So, from my house to yours, have a very merry Christmas, and a healthy New Year.


Well, it’s starting to feel more Christmassy. The weather certainly seems to be in the chilly mood, though we may warm up to the sixties later in the week.

I’m nearing the end of the book. I estimate about 40 pages remaining and I’m winding up the story. Of course, that is only the draft and it will require loads of polishing and editing after the new year.

I’m also starting to think about a title. It’s called Deege’s Story in my files, but that won’t do. I’m thinking about calling the book The Next Best Man. (Deege was a late bloomer, always felt a little less than adequate in comparison to his older sister and younger brother, but he shines in this book. (You met the whole family in Out of Control.) Or maybe The Better Man. And I’m also looking for ideas for cover art.

I’ll check back next week with my thoughts then. In the meantime, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or whatever you choose to celebrate. The end of Covid-19 would work for me.