Wait, wait…

Seems like waiting has become a permanent part of my life. I’m sort of twiddling my thumbs waiting for other people to do their part in getting my book ready. I know they have lives, too, but like a woman who is nine months pregnant, I’m ready to get this show on the road.

On The Hunt

Making progress on the writing front. I’m still searching for just the right cover art for Hope, at Last. Hopefully, I’ll have something to show off soon. In the meantime, I have submitted a short story for an anthology that should come out next spring or summer. So, life and writing continue.


I confess. I forgot to post yesterday, but I have an excuse. A slow moving natural disaster was bearing down on me and I hadn’t slept a wink the night before. Ida dropped a lot of rain, but no damage at my house. The sky is starting to clear, so life goes on.So, better late than never. Still working on the final touches to get Hope, At Last ready to go. Life intrudes. I’m not making any promises, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or maybe the silver lining at the end of the storm.

The Trouble Book

Sometimes a book just seems to write itself. Hope, at Last has not been one of them. I do think, however, that I am finally close to being satisfied with my story. My characters fought me tooth and nail every step of the way until I wrote their stories instead of the one I intended. So, there you see the final title of the book that has given me so much trouble. Hopefully, I will set a publication date soon.


Back At It Again

Good morning. I’m happy to report that all Covid refugees are well and back at home. I’m back at the computer ready to write. It really felt good to be back with my characters again. I have high hopes that I’ll be ready to publish soon.

Another Day

I really wish I had some writing news to post. Not much going on. My grandkids and son are still staying here while my daughter-in-law is quarantined. Funny, I allowed myself some time off to let the book rest before I got back into polishing and editing, but I didn’t anticipate being away from it for such an extended period of time.I hope to have some actual news next week.

Covid Refugees

Well, silly me. I forgot to post anything last week. Considering I’ve been giving myself a couple of weeks off from writing before I do the final draft of the current book, you’d think I would have plenty of time. NOT. I’ve had doctor and dental appointments, car appointments, meetings and stuff. That’s what happens when you cram everything into one short period of time. And on top, I’m hosting Covid refugees right now.

Number two son Chris and his daughter Cora were out of town together at a conference while Brandy and Zoe were at home and got exposed to Covid while back-to-school shopping. They are quarantined for ten days. Chris and Cora came straight to my house since getting off the airplane and hopefully they will return home this weekend.

Crossing my fingers that next week I’ll be more relaxed.

Space And Never-Ending Book

Getting a late start this morning. I was distracted by the Blue Origin takeoff. So thrilled that Wally Funk finally got into space. It has been a long wait for her.

Then I rushed in to the computer room and got back to polishing and editing the work I’m trying to finish. I need to make it shorter, but I seem to be adding pages. I might need to set it aside again after this time through and think about it. There’s nothing wrong with a longer book, but most of my others aren’t this long.