Playing In The Dirt and Other Activities

Apparently, I forgot to post anything last week. Ooops. Since life has started to open up, I’ve found myself attending social-distanced in-person meetings and I had one that day.

Another thing that’s distracting me is that I’m getting my vegetable garden going, and some days I like playing in the dirt more than inside. Even if we did have an almost freezing night last week. So, I’m trying to balance my writing with my playing outside.

On another note, as an author I read a lot. Well, I read the best most horrifying, frightening, suspenseful novel last week called MOTHER MAY I, by Joshilyn Jackson, one of my favorite southern authors last week. If you like a good page turner, this is one to try. I highly recommend it, and hope you’ll read some of her other books, as well.

2021 Rhone Award Candidate

I had some great news last week. My March 2020 book, Out of Control, is a candidate for the 2021 Rhone awards. There will be some preliminary judging this spring, then those finalists will go to writing professionals for the final judging. Winners to be announced in October. There is a way for you to help me in this by voting for my book when my category comes up for votes in late spring. I will send details about how you can vote closer to the time.

In the meantime, Out of Control is still available from Amazon, and you still have time to read it before the time for you to vote.

Tomato, Tomahto

I’ve been making good progress on the book, close to halfway, I think. Now, that the weather is getting better, I’m going to be tempted to go out and play in my garden. I have oodles of tiny tomato plants that I started in the garage calling me to put them outside. They’re on the deck hardening off, and if I get a chance this afternoon I might just go out and get my fingernails dirty.

Writing Milestone

I passed a milestone with the book this week. I’ve written more than 100 pages and it only took four weeks. I know there are other authors who write fast, but I like to take my time and get to know my characters. I’ve done a little un-writing in these 100 pages because sometimes you try to take your characters in one direction, and they don’t want to go. Usually they know best anyway.

And while I’m at it, I wish you all to have a happy Easter.

Waiting Pattern

I’m sort of in waiting mode. The book is out being formatted and put into book form. I’ll have to proofread and polish, but I will surely be able to post a definite release date next week.

In the meantime, we are experiencing winter to the extreme. Usually, we don’t see much in the way of winter with the exception of a slight drop in temperature. However, since Saturday, we have had freezing rain, which froze solid. Then it sleeted on top of that. And froze solid. This morning it was 14 degrees and snowing. And oddly enough, we are getting river effect snow, from the Tennessee River being “warmer” than the rest of the area and cold wind blowing over it to create, lake effect snow. Except ours is river effect snow.

Other than that, I’m keeping warm and waiting for spring.