Hanging In There

Merry Christmas and a ho ho ho. In spite, of actually having a slightly torn rotator cuff, I’m trying to stay in the spirit of the season. The doc is trying to fix it with Physical Therapy rather than surgery, but then I have to actually GO to PT. That cuts into my writing time. Just when I’m starting to finally get into the story. I managed to fumble my way left-handed through cooking Thanksgiving dinner, so I’m sure I can fumble through Christmas with equal ability. In the meantime, I’m trying to squeeze out a few pages between appointments.

One of Those Weeks

This has been a weird week. I ended doing Thanksgiving dinner single-handed. Actually, I was already going to do it, but when I say single-handed, I meant left-handed. I am a right-ee. Did something to my right arm the weekend before, and even went to the doc who sent me to get and MRI and I’ll know what’s wrong when I see him tomorrow. Please, no rotator cuff surgery. I like the idea of taking two aspirins pressing on.

Therefore, I haven’t made much progress on Chapter Four, nearly done, but not quite. I had hoped to have a first draft finished before Christmas, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. There’s something crazy about the holidays.

Anyway, here’s to you and I hope your holidays don’t turn out as unplanned as mine have.


Since I am the grandma, everybody is coming over the river and through the woods to see me. Actually, they just live across town, so the horse doesn’t need to pull the sleigh through white and drifted snow.

I’m busily trying to get started on the baking as well as to continue working on the current book in progress. Just started Chapter Four.

One of Those Days

Oops. I almost missed my Tuesday post. My day started out off schedule, and continued all day. Haven’t been able to write in two days, but I have high hopes that writing will happen on Wednesday. Had some help with some honey-does this morning, and then spent a good portion of the afternoon at a meeting putting the finishing touches on the holiday party for one of the several, non-writing groups to which I belong. Nobody can say that Bonnie is a dull girl. Anyway, I hope I can get back on track.


Hope, at Last is now live on Kindle. If you preordered it, you will find it has magically appeared in your list. (Just to make sure, I checked, and my preordered edition is there.)

I’m a little embarrassed to report that there was a snafu and an uncorrected version of the print book was sent out before I caught it. Luckily, I don’t sell that many print copies, so I don’t think too many copies escaped. The corrections were made in time for the official release, so perhaps you can get a corrected edition.

And I have finished the first chapter of Hannah’s Hero, about how Hope Henderson’s mom finds love.

One Week!

Seven days until HOPE, AT LAST will be live on Amazon. That day had seemed so far off, but now it’s almost here.

Of course, I had looked forward to a day when I had free time on my hands, but once I had it, what did I do? I started writing the next book.

I am almost finished with the first chapter of what I’m calling Hannah’s Hero. I hope it will not take nine months to write as Hope, at Last did.

Countdown To Release

Good news. Hope, at Last will be available in just two weeks. The release date is November 9. If you preorder now, the ebook can be on your Kindle when you wake up that day.

And I’m starting brainstorming on the next book which will be about Hannah Henderson, Hope’s mother who had sacrificed for so long.

Keeping Busy

Nothing much to say. I’m still in the midst of transferring the old stuff onto the new computer. That’s a pain, but the good news that the speed of the new computer makes up for it all.

Still waiting on my ms from the formatter. Mostly, it’s the new computer installation that’s holding things up. Shouldn’t be long until I can publish a release date.


I have done it. HOPE, AT LAST is with the formatter and will soon be posted on Amazon. I’m aiming for an early November release.Of course, getting it to that stage hasn’t been easy. My ancient computer has been on its last legs and less than cooperative recently. It will be replaced by the end of the month.Here is the cover art.