Change of Time

I think the time change is catching up with me. Unlike normal people I do not get an extra hour of sleep, but I end up waking an hour early. Anyway, I need to be well rested, because I intend to finish this cursed book by Thanksgiving or die trying.

I’m Here!

I’ve been having trouble posting to my author site the last few times, and yesterday I spent a good portion of the day at the dentist, so I’m just going to post that I’m alive and well and hope that this one goes through.

The Cloud Helps

Looks like I’m close to catching up the number of pages that I lost when I accidentally deleted those pages. Of course, not having a word for word recollection of what I’d written, I have no idea whether it’s better or worse, or just the same. The good news is that my son the IT guy fixed it so that it is saved to the Cloud. Why he didn’t do that in the first place when he set up my new hard drive, I do not know.

Take Care of The TA-TAs

This may be a little off topic, but October is a Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a 21-year survivor, it is important to me to remind people that it can happen to you. I didn’t think it could happen to me. Shows me what I got for thinking.

I worry that there are women who find something and are too afraid of finding cancer to have it checked out. Take it from me, it’s far better to find it early when the treatments are so much easier on you than waiting until it’s too late. The good news these days the treatments are so much easier than they were when I went through it. With all the genetic testing, doctors can tell exactly which gene is causing the problem and aim the right cure directly to it. In my case, I got everything but the kitchen sink. Still, I’m here to talk about it and that’s what matters.

I wrote a fictionalized version of what I went through in my book A DIFFERENT KIND OF BEAUTIFUL, which is still available on Amazon. If you’re curious, check it out.

I Keep Losing It!

I have done it again. Lost more than a page or two of manuscript. There I was typing away and my fingers got off the home keys and apparently typed in a code that the computer understood as a command to delete everything. Whine.

I looked everywhere and could not retrieve what I had written that day and several more days before. That’s what I get for not manually saving regularly. Silly me. I thought the computer was doing that. It was to the hard drive, but not to my backup drive. I had an older version saved, but I’m still going to have to recreate many, many pages of book.

Therefore, the book will not be ready as soon as I’d expected.

How Do You Say Goal, Motivation, And Conflict?

I don’t normally like to review things, particularly if it won’t be a very good review, but I’m really disappointed in the prequel for the successful Game of Thrones series that ran for years. The major characters are not sympathetic. The only character that I thought was heroic suddenly went to the dark side, and then the characters were abruptly aged ten years from one episode to the next.

Apparently, whoever write the script didn’t read the chapters on character development and goal, motivation, and conflict.

Though I very much looked forward to this new series, I will not waste any more of my time on it.

Buzz, Buzz Like A Bee.

Having a busy week. I almost forgot to make my weekly post, but I’m on it now. Here goes. I’ve been able to write every day for the past week and, so far, this week. It’s amazing how much quicker a story goes when you have time to work on it. I have high hopes that I can finish it in October and maybe get it out by the end of the year.